Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Weigh In .. Wooo

So the time has come to tell you the result and I can tell you I am delighted, no that's not the right word, I am ecstatic! I got my new 2 and a half stone award and got myself into a new number I lost 6lbs, unbelievable! Of course we have to thank the tonsillitis for the most part, obviously my body didn't go into shock and store up my fat. I am now 13.9 and well on my way to my interim target which I set at 12 stone. I'm also 1 and a half pounds from my 3 stone award and I am going for it. I've set my target at 2lbs this week and nothing is stopping me getting it!
I'm so gleeful its unreal. As well as getting my 2 and a half stone award I also succeeded in my body magic silver, since I've been going gym twice a week and swimming once, so I got a nice new shiny sticker and I am now onto building up for my gold. Also because I lost 6lbs I got slimmer of the week, another award and shiny new sticker! I am seriously loving this week, if I needed any inspiration for next week, I have it now!

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