Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Feeling Better ..

So I'm finally getting over tonsillitis, I can just about manage solids and I've got a little more energy, meaning I can actually walk around without leaning on the wall for aide. The anti-biotics they gave are working amazingly, plus they're great for food managing since I can't eat with them, I can't eat hour before or after taking it. I knew I could find a plus for an illness!
Weigh in is tonight, which I will drag my body to, to attend. I hoping for a loss since I've been ill. But I also have to factor in that my body will have gone into shock and probably stored some fat, not to mention I haven't moved that much in a week! My lack of exercise is what scares me, but my food intake has been minimal. From low fat ice cream, soup and on Sunday I manged lunch with mash potato, soft veg and chicken cut up into little pieces. I felt I was eating my 5 year old meal but I just about manged it. Yesterday I had some pasta with  a Dolmio express sauce, cabonara. I hardly ever have them these days, but it was something quick and easy since I didn't have the ingredients in to make my own sauce. So I should mention that this pouch was 150g and is 8.5 syns. Very high but really quick and easy when you don't feel good.
I will go to weigh and face my fate, hopefully it's a happy result, but if not tomorrow is the start of a new week, and a healthy one at that! I will keep you informed...


  1. Together we will start a new week hopefully illness free and start as we mean to go on. Healthy food and gym here we come!! Bet you loved that little motivational speech didnt ya haha x

  2. It's what keeps me going in life! Haha