Sunday, 14 October 2012

Nothing To Wear ..

Today as per any usual Sunday I had Sunday lunch, which consisted of lamb, potato, carrots, cabbage, peas, and gravy which is the only thing I syn. Really need to get my super free in today, so it might be some fruit for supper.
Done well today but no exercise as I have been updating my EBay account, and packaging up the items I have sold.
What you want to see when you're losing weight is result, mainly smaller clothes, and it is an amazingly great feeling but then you come to realise that nothing fits you. I started this SW diet at a dress size 20 and now I am a 16, which is unbelievable for me. I haven't been in size 16 clothes in some years but nothing fits me, everything is baggy and frumpy, or most embarrassing falling down. So recently it was time to get the credit card out and treat my weight loss to some new clothes. Dresses, jeans, tops and shoes - okay I didn't need the shoes but they were so pretty!
So as my new clothes arrived I have to sort out my wardrobe and say goodbye(hopefully forever) to size 20, thus me being on EBay. It only seems natural to pay for my new clothes I should sell my old ones and they have been going well.
Today was one of the hard sells. My rockabilly dresses, I love them, even in a bigger size they give me a flattering figure but alas they do not fit and I have to move on. I will just have to spend money buying more! If you want to see what I'm selling, my user name is ctea2997 .
So been a busy day for me really, meaning no time to cook fantastic meals. Tomorrow though I'm making one of my comforting faves, minced beef hash. I'll let you know how it goes and a pic (if I haven't eaten it to quickly) tomorrow.

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