Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Cupcakes ..

Please don't get excited I have not made SW cupcakes, I made cupcakes for the Halloween trick or treaters that come to the door.

I made 20 novelty ones with a Halloween character and the rest I had bought some Halloween rings for the kids so I stuck them in icing on top. Then I put them in individual boxes and tied them up. Turned out quite well.

It's sometimes hard being an amateur baker, because I do bake a lot of things, I've tried SW recipes too but as a baker I can definitely tell you they are not the same. I've tried out cupcakes, brownies, pies and other but they will never be the same as full fat things, I am sorry to tell you. So when I bake things I have to test and taste, luckily today I had my son off school for the holidays and I had him as resident taster.

I worked the syns out for one cupcake and without the icing its, 6.5, with the icing, the cupcake is 10.5, which I think isn't that bad for a treat!

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