Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Quick Gym Sesh ..

Had a quick gym session this afternoon, and even though it was only 50 mins long, I feel better for having it. We usually stay for over an hour but time was restricted today. Started on the treadmill to warm up, I did 30 mins on there, while running collectively for 7 mins, moved over to bikes then finished off with some weight trainer, where I learn every time I have no upper body strength.
For dinner tonight I cooked Hunters BBQ Chicken with Paprika Wedges. Syn free meal as I use the cheese as my Healthy A. Also I don't like BBQ sauce so I leave that off.

If you don't know what it entails it's real easy. Cook a chicken fillet off, add a rasher of bacon on top, and cook that, then add cheese and melt. The wedges were sprinkling with paprika or some sort of spice, spraying them with Fry Light and cooking in oven for about 30-35 mins turning a couple of times. Add with some veg or a nice crisp salad.

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