Saturday, 27 October 2012

Rubbish Tip For Loosing Weight ..

Develop Tonsilitis!

Yeah I'm kidding, this is not what you want at all but it's what I have. The irony is that my consultant put this picture on our Facebook page on Wednesday.

3 o'clock Thursday morning I awoke with an awful sore throat, I truly thought I'd been jinxed for reading this, but I got some water and thought nothing more about it since I never really get sick. But sleep never came again all night, I tossed and turned but doing this I realised I was getting weaker and all my bones were aching. I finally gave up on the sleep at about 6am and said to myself this has to more than a mere sore throat, I thought it was a really bad cold, something that had attacked my immune system and shut it down. So all day Thursday I was in pain, I could hardly move my head never mind anything else. My mum has had to look after my son for me because there was no way I could do it, shes been brilliant, looking after me and Josh.
I didn't get any sleep Thursday night either so my mum made me go to the doctors, which is a place I hate going. It seemed worth while though since she diagnosed me with tonsillitis and gave me antibiotics in a form of something I can't spell or even pronounce. So I took the first dose and was feeling brave, I thought I would dabble in some soup to get something other than water in my stomach. Unfortunately it went down like sharp needles, so that plan was busted. A couple of hours later the antibiotics seem to be doing something, I was able to take some paracetamol and keep it down so I thought soup wasn't the was to go, how about ice-cream? I can tell you right now ice-cream is the way to go, I just had a couple of scoops and it was great!
I took my last dosage of the day about 9 o'clock and a couple of paracetamol and had a better nights sleep, still have a really sore throat when I woke and can't eat solid foods but I feel I'm getting better.
So sorry for not posting any recipes but I have had an amazing excuse, and of course afterwards I did look up the syns of the ice-cream, for the basic reduced fat, 60g, it's 4 syns, but whose counting when you're ill? ha ha.

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