Saturday, 13 October 2012

New Me .. New Blog

My friend Joanne had started dieting and joined a group; Slimming World.
I've always been sceptical of slimming groups, thinking it some sort of con, they get your money and not really help you. You have to eat their products and do it exactly their own specially branded way. But I'd seen for myself it had worked for her, in just a short space of time she had an amazing weight loss. My friend Gareth was thinking about joining, and I had to seriously think would this be good for me. My friends were in the group, I would have support from the consultant and other members, I would have to get weighed in front of people so they were no ways to cut corners.
So they were the pros, but I was still sceptical of the paying for weight loss, would it be worth the money? So me and Gareth paid for one session to get the information, and to see what there diet consisted of. We sat down with our consultant (Mandy) and she relayed to us the important points of the diet. It sounded extremely easy, it was in the style of calorie counting, but instead of calories you count 'Syns', it was advised you have between 5 - 15 syns a day, didn't seem that much until Mandy explained that your fruit and veg, meat, poultry, egg, fish, pasta and rices are syn free. This meaning you could make your own meals and not have to buy their products, this diet was sounding better as we went on.
After the 'induction' it was time to get weighed, I hadn't been on the scales in a couple of years and was quite dreading it. I was now a size 20 bottoms and size 18 top, I was thinking definitely in the top teens, but was actually surprised to learn my starting weight was 16st 7 1/2 lbs. Now I was not happy with this, it was the heaviest I'd ever been but I'm glad I wasn't in the 18/19's like I thought I was.
After this we were referred to the circle of chairs and took our place while Mandy started the meeting, stated peoples weight loses around the room and asking if they felt if they had a good week. As this was going on I reflected whether this was a good move for me or not, looking around this room at people who were the same as me, who were in the same situation, it had clearly worked for them. The diet seemed easy but would it still be easy after a couple of weeks of doing it?
So they're I was in the first week of Slimming World diet and finding it extremely easy and comfortable to get on with. I was back to writing down my intake but now synning. I never could get close to the higher end of the syns a day but I was full and satisfied. I couldn't tell any difference or tell if it was working until I went back to weigh in the week after. I got on the scales cautiously waiting to see the number come on the screen. My weight was now 15st 13lbs, I had lost 8 and a half pounds, I was overjoyed. Not only had a lost over half a stone on my first week, I had got into a new number and got my first Slimming World certificate for losing half a stone.
It hasn't stopped there, over 19 weeks I've lost 2st 4lbs, I've re-joined the gym and now swim 50 lengths once a week. My lifestyle is healthier and I am loving it. Slimming world is just amazing, I'm now at a weight that I haven't been at for years, I've met some wonderful people and tried so many new recipes. I've only ever put a little weight on twice and with good reasons, a weekend in York and Leeds, but the weight soon came off the next week!

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