Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Weigh In .. On It ..

After having a brilliant week where I really concentrated and tried so hard everyday, except one for Saturday where I was lured out to an Italian meal I am pleased to say that I lost 3 and a half pounds! I'm now down to 13 stone 4 1/2 pounds, and I only need 4 pounds off for my Christmas target. I'm pretty sure I can do this 3 weeks.
My head is seriously in it now, after this great loss I feel great and I'm ready for next goal. There will be no meals out this week so there is nothing stopping me. It is next week that will be a problem, 3 meals out. The first one will be our SW Christmas meal out, a 3 course meal after weigh in. Then onto Thursday where I'm going to London for the day and finally Saturday where I'm heading to York. This week has to be amazingly good to make up for next week.

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