Monday, 31 December 2012

Weigh In .. Final One of 2012 ..

The after Christmas weigh was upon me and I was prepared for anything. The scales could do their worst, but as it turns out I wasn't quite prepared for what I was looking at when I looked at the screen.
For the week over Christmas I had only put on 1 and a half pounds on, I was delighted, I hadn't really done any damage at all. This is manageable, well it's more than manageable, it's amazing.
I am at the moment  13 stone 7 lbs, so I am still maintaining that 3 stone weight loss!
I couldn't be more back on it if I tried, ready to battle onto my 3 1/2 stone award! It's salad tonight and tomorrow it's Iceland's Lamb Shanks in mint gravy, served with lots of superfree veg. I get the frozen lamb shanks, 450g each, 3 syns each.
So as this year is closing I wanted to say a big thank you to Slimming World because they have made my life drastically change, I can honestly say I would of never got this far without it. Never have a found a diet more easy and more productive than the Slimming World one. I have amazing meals, things I wouldn't even tried, and yet still I get results. I have pushed myself in the gym more than I ever thought possible, I mean I have never run on a treadmill before now and now it's the first thing I do when I enter a gym.
More importantly though I would like to say thank you to my consultant Mandy and the rest of the group because they are inspiration, support and friends. Would never have kept this up as good as I have without them. I now look forward to going and can't wait to spend time there, chatting, supporting and learning!
I am loving going into a new year a healthier, happier me. So I will see you next year, I hope its a good New Years Eve for everyone!

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