Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Weigh In .. Meal Out ..

Yesterday was weigh in day, feeling optimistic I was hoping for a 2lb loss. I got onto the weighing scales and came away with a 3lb loss. I'm really pleased with that, that's 6 1/2lbs in two weeks, I can definitely say my head is in it. I now need 1 more pound for my Christmas target of 3.5 stone loss.
After the weigh in it was time for our Christmas meal out. What a great night it was, full of laughter, great company and lovely food. Set at The Viking in Goole, I started with the Tomato and Basil soup with a crusty baguette which I savoured since it will be the only piece of bread I'll have this week. Next came the Traditional Turkey with all the trimmings, this including Yorkshire pud, stuffing ball, pigs in blankets and veg. It was absolutely delicious, for desert I had the Raspberry Blondie which was packed full of flavour and I even took a sneaky peek. It was a synful but gorgeous meal.

So today is the start of a difficult week, a high in syn meal last night, and now today is an in between day where I'll have salad, and it's gym tonight to really push myself. I really hope I can try and keep a maintain next week at least but we'll see. Also here's a pic of me and Gareth enjoying last night.

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