Thursday, 20 December 2012

Weigh In .. Expected ..

First off let me mention that I have one more weigh in before Christmas and I need to lose 3 and a half pounds, oh my god I can do this. This week is a complete low syn week of salads and pasta. I have to reach my Christmas target, I'd be so ecstatic!
So I told you about my horrendous week of meals out, I was going to try and be good the other days. That didn't really work out for me, from pasties at 2 in the morning (motorway services), hot chocolates and a take away. It has not been good, not to mention I had no exercise like I planned, it seemed everything was in my way last week. On Wednesday I had a poorly child, on Friday I caught his illness and couldn't even get up never mind go to the gym, and on our usual Monday swim night they closed the sport centre.
So all in all I had a bad week, and the scales showed that, I was pretty much hoping for less than 5lbs so I was pleased when the scale said I'd put on 2 and a half, I can cope with that.
After weigh in it was our Christmas raffle and I was delighted when I won a hand blender and a soup recipe book, I now have new recipes to try in the new year. Also I was really pleased the friends that we sit with all won something, including Gareth winning an actifry!
So on it this week for 3 and a half pound loss, wish me luck!

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