Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weigh In .. Pleased ..

I wasn't feeling very confident at this weeks weigh in, main reason I wasn't feeling very well so I felt really heavy. I had an okish week, could of been better but also could of been a lot lot worse. I had missed an exercise session as well which didn't put me in a very confident mood.
I was very apprehensive when I stepped on those scales. The weight said 13.4 but I couldn't remember what my weigh in was last week and I forgot to look at my book so when I was passed my book back I nervously looked inside to see that I had in fact lost 1 1/2 pounds!
I'm extremely pleased with that, I had gotten off the weight I had put on last week, I am now well on my way to my 3 1/2 stone award! Come on!
Also on a side note I would like to say congratulations to my best bud and fellow slimming worlder Gareth for getting his 5 Stone Award. Yep that's right 5 Stone! Really pleased and proud of him, hes definitely my inspiration and he should be yours too, so go check out his blog here because he must be doing something right!

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  1. Well done!
    So far, I've never had a lost bgger than 1 pound...